At Milo Records New Orleans, we believe in musician self-determination.  Our objectives are two-fold: 1) to promote and share our favorite music with like-minded listeners worldwide, and 2) enable our musicians to continue to create and perform music for a living, without compromising their artistic integrity. 

In our first three years of existence, we facilitated an informal bartering of skills between musicians all over, resulting in multiple successful international tours.  Now, we are working to synthesize this process in an orderly fashion so that musicians everywhere can continue to do what they do, and grow, professionally, without relying on external service providers they cannot afford. 

Below is a list of musicians who are willing and able to barter their skill set with others.  Such skills might include anything from website development, to studio recording, gig-booking, t-shirt making, or lining up international home-stays for touring bands. 

See something you need? Contact any of these musicians listed here directly.  Want to add your name to this list?  Contact and provide your name, email address, services you are seeking, services you can provide in exchange, and any relevant links demonstrating your experience in providing the services advertised (such as band websites, links to photos of t-shirts made, etc.).


NOTE: Milo Records cannot and does not guarantee the quality or delivery of services or any bartered contracts negotiated via this website, and reserves its role to merely providing this forum.