It all started when...

In a coffee house in New Orleans, when a fantastic Oldtime and Cajun band named the Swamp Lilies, featuring Grammy-winner Al Tharp (of Beausoleil), played a beautiful set--for compensation in hot beverages and tips, normal fare for many an uber-talented band in the Big Easy.

It is an unlikely and beautiful phenomenon that New Orleans has become a place where musicians who seek to play traditional music have found a home–not only jazz, but also Americana, and folk music from Bulgaria, Africa, Cuba, and more.  Milo Records was born out of the presence of roots musicians in New Orleans, left out of the mainstream music industry, and willingly so.    

Milo then took to the road beyond New Orleans in search of others who explore the roots music of the American South, to find a colorful musical world, uncontaminated by mass commercialism. We are pleased to expand our efforts towards the Ozarks, with a satellite office in Little Rock, Arkansas as of 2017.

At Milo Records we aspire to introduce listeners to traditional, roots-influenced music played by all sorts of musicians inspired by the music and culture of the American South–be it Country, Cajun, Folk, Old-Time, Honky Tonk, and even Balkan music.  Oh and of course we also love traditional jazz.  We have become a small-batch record label promoting makers of bespoke music, and booking international tours of listening rooms and culture-oriented festivals for our artists, in our efforts to treat them and their music with the respect they deserve.

Milo Records is named after a famous musical dog who is fun, playful, smart, strong, loyal and protective – qualities that influence our philosophy in music representation. At Milo Records, you’ll find artists who cherish and re-interpret the work of legends but also express their own original songs in a traditional-influenced form. Acoustic music you can dance to, and string instruments that make you smile – that is our big easy belief.